SAS Certified Data Quality Steward for SAS 9

Designed for individuals who are using DataFlux Data Management Studio to perform a selection of data quality tasks, including profiling data, cleansing data and monitoring data for usability
Successful candidates will be able to:
? Create and review data explorations information profiles.
? Create data jobs for data improvement.
? Parameterize jobs and business rules within DataFlux Data Management Studio.
? Create, maintain and apply business rules and tasks.
? Understand the QKB components as well as other definition types.
? Apply QKB components to cope with data quality issues.
? Expand basic functionalities using Expression Engine Language (EEL).
? Use macro variables.
? Create process jobs.
? Configure the DataFlux Data Management Server to run jobs.
Exam Content & Pricing
Candidates who are earning this credential could have earned a passing score about the SAS Data Quality Using DataFlux Data Management Studio exam.
This exam is given by SAS and Pearson VUE.
? 75 multiple-choice and short-answer questions (must achieve score of 68 percent correct to feed).
? 110 minutes to complete exam.
? Use exam ID A00-262; required when registering with Pearson VUE.
? This exam is founded on SAS 9.4.
? Exam fee: $180
Training & Exam Preparation
Your one-stop guide to enable you to plan SAS Certification.

? DataFlux Data Management Studio: Essentials
? DataFlux Data Management Studio: Advanced
? DataFlux Data Management Studio: Modify the Quality Understanding (QKB)
? DataFlux Data Management Studio: Steps for success
? DataFlux Data Management Studio: Modify the Quality Base of knowledge (QKB)
? DataFlux Data Management Studio Documentation
? DataFlux Data Management Server Documentation
vSample Questions:
? Download Sample Questions
Practice Exams:
? SAS Data Quality Using DataFlux Data Management Studio (PE-262P)
Along with training we suggest that you simply attempt the sample questions and please take a practice exam prior to taking your exam.
Affordable Packages: For a few in our Certification options our company offers a finest value package which bundles together the relevant Courses as well as an assessment voucher and Post-Class Extended Learning.
Practice Exams: Practice exams for select exams are for sale for purchase through SAS and Pearson VUE.
Learn more:
? A00-262 Preparatory Ideas and Information to break into SAS Data Quality Steward Certification
? How to get ready for SAS Data Quality Steward (A00-262) exam
SAS Data Quality Using DataFlux Data Management Studio Exam
? Navigating the DataFlux Data Management Studio Interface
? Exploring and Profiling data
? Data Jobs
? Business Rules Monitoring
? Data Management Server
? Expression Engine Language (EEL)
? Process Jobs
? Macro Variables and Advanced Properties and Settings
? Quality Expertise (QKB)
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